Alive Numbers 2 – android release of my minimalistic live wallpaper with embedded widgets

Brand new version of live wallpaper –  Alive Numbers 2 for Android devices. Enjoy smooth OpenGl ES 2.0 animation of minimalistic animated background in couple with customisable embedded widgets. New version has adjustable color schemes and ability to hand-tune widget layout. You can choose from set of base animations and play with a lot of options for every widget.

Alive Numbers 2

It can be found by name ‘Alive numbers 2’ or here:

This topic contains screens and details…

Live wallpaper contains several animations. Default background animation is particle system of flying numbers with tricky blur algorithm. All particles are rendered in single pass. This gives only 3% cpu load under Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Wallpaper do not consume battery resources when is not visible – so power loss is not an issue. Count of particles, speed, color, fade options, desaturation can be adjusted in options.

Alive Numbers 2

Particle system is also coupled with Parallax effect based on accelerometer sensor. Intensity of this effect can be adjusted at animation options (or be completely disabled). You can watch the following video to see how the effect looks like:

Application is powered by my cross-platform engine based on OpenGl ES 2.0. Advantages that comes with it are theme of big separate topic but here are several the most handy:

You can switch interface language at any time from options and this does not correlate with device locale settings.

If details or text are too small you can set global screen scale as you like it (at engine options). Everything will become bigger or smaller as you like it.

You can enjoy rich custom controls which make options easy to handle:

Alive Numbers 2 - animation options

You can change the values and see the results immediately through the transparent layer.

Live wallpaper has the list of widgets you can customize – and more are planned in future. Custom clock, battery indicator, current date indicator, current day of week, weather data based on current gps position with hourly/daily forecast, currency exchange rates based on ECB data, etc…

Alive Numbers 2 - widgets

Each widget has several styles and options. Screen layout can be adjusted very fast. Widgets can be positioned on the screen using drag-drop method – so you can customize your layout as you like:

Alive Numbers 2

Clicking on widgets launches default applications from system – like calendar, clock, battery consumption info, etc. This behaviour can be disabled in options ( for every widget separately ).

From options you can switch base background animation.

Alive Numbers 2 Animation list

Example of settings with sweet hearts animation:

Hearts animation Alive numbers 2

Animation which is very similar to iOS7 alive wallpaper:

Alive Numbers 2 Circles animation

Video of customization process:

Some five-stars-responses from market:

Great app I absolutely love it. Made my home screen a lot less cluttered and uniform.

Incredibly neat and beautiful!!! I love this live wallpaper, love the fact that it comes with in built widget, 5 stars straight!!

Excellent New parralax effect is great.

My Kind Of Wallpaper Alive numbers was my default wallpaper for the last 6 mos. This one, the newer version is so much better. Configuration is a breeze. Keep up the good work!


Alive numbers 2 Icon

The wallpaper can be found by name ‘Alive numbers 2‘ or here:




I created special tool for online localization available here:

There you can make Alive Numbers 2 to support your native language. The list of languages – Bulgarian, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, Franch, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

Please note – localization tool is in beta state – please contact me in case of any errors, bugs, etc.

Alive numbers 2 Promo 2

Alive numbers 2 Promo 2


Next section contains information about updates and should be updated when new versions will come at market. Main upper text will be fixed to reflect changes, but lower part can contain additional images and details.

UPDATE (v.2.005):

Clicking on widgets launches default applications from system – like calendar, clock, battery consumption info, etc. Weather widget now has weekly/hourly forecast.

Alive Numbers 2: forecast

UPDATE (v.2.007)

Brand new Parallax effect using accelerometer for inner particle system.

UPDATE (v.2.008)

New widget: Currency Rates. Exchange reference rates from official European Central Bank feed (daily updated). You can select your local currency as the base and monitor the list of rates (up to 28 items).

Currency rates gadget

UPDATE (v.2.009)

Two new animations for background – snowflakes and sweet hearts. New global widget settings section was added. You can set default font for widgets. Clock has separate option for font.

UPDATE (v2.010)

Some urgent fix for weather provider

UPDATE (v2.011)

New animation background was added – circles. Its very similar to iOS7 live wallpaper.

New clock styles for clock widget were added and old styles were improved a bit. PM/AM label was added for 12h format clock.

Alive Numbers 2 Clock style 1

Tower style (one on one) :

Alive Numbers 2 Clock style 2

Clock style as minimal text:

Alive Numbers 2 Clock style 3

Weather widget now has manual refresh button located on forecast panel. Also location now is displayed as city name – not local area of city (there is new option for that).

UPDATE (v2.013)

– spanish localization

– new background animation called “Lasers”

– clock widget now shows current alarm (can be disabled in properties)

– new hi-res xxhdpi icon

– when you switch animation particles are filled instantly

Alive numbers 2 lasers animation

UPDATE (v2.014)

– new stripes animation
– support for ART runtime (Android 4.4)
– fix for clock widget dragging
– minor fixes for parallax effect
– fix of widget dragging bug on high dpi devices
– fps limit was increased for more smooth animation

Screenshot of new STRIPES animation:

Alive numbers 2 Stripes animation

UPDATE (v2.015)

New animation for St.Valentine day – FLOWERS:

Alive numbers 2 - flowers animation

– New localization – Swedish (thanks to Marcus Sundman)

– New more high-res fonts and 2 new fonts for widgets

– New performance settings

UPDATE (v2.016)

– Support for german and polish languages

UPDATE (v2.017)

Alive numbers 2 Coffee animation

+ New animation – COFFEE
+ Currency widget now supports a lot more currencies
+ GPS sensor fixes and new location provider for weather widget
+ Support for timely as custom app for clock widget

UPDATE (v2.018)

+ New option for weather widget – disable GPS data sensor for location (to preserve battery)

+ Minor fixes for GPS implementation

UPDATE (v2.019)

NEW ANIMATION: Contains new long-awaited animation – custom user image (which you can pick from device gallery) combined with parallax and blur effects

UPDATE (v2.020-2.021)

+ fixes for weather widget

+ FR language support

Any suggestions are welcome at comments.