About me

Here is some kind of CV, which i’ll try to keep actual.


2015-NOW, IQOption, Chief Technology Officer. I’m responsible for all product development, it infrastructure and process schemes of large fast-growing international it company with more than 500 employers.

I started as lead developer of next-generation trading platform using my own unique cross-platform engine for mobile devices, web and desktop systems. Based on innovative technologies it delivered unmatched design and quality, and worked fantastic even inside web environment. Such market advantage helped company to achieve first place in it’s business segment all over the globe.

Later, as product owner for several teams / architect I helped migration to microservice infrastructure and created unique solution for enterprise service bus. Such efforts provided ability for the company to scale business effectively and develop wide range of new instruments for traders.

Today, I work hard to ensure the company to be the best at tech advancement, product quality and it infrastructure.

2012-2015, I developed various mobile applications for Android and iOS using my own custom cross-platform app engine for both desktop and mobile devices (slides). Using single C++11 codebase the one can create apps for various platforms without any need to write platform-specific code. Engine has custom declarative layout for UI views, customizable UI components and solid foundation to create complex applications.

2010-2011, Infinitech. I was architect / core developer of large russian social network and implemented there unique custom C++ server. Special memory cache approach for social graph gave very fast response times. I also introduced client-side web solution to handle everything at single page using custom JS client engine for async requests (this is common practice for social networks today but at that time that was quite new approach).

2007-2010, ALLMEDIA. As main “playing” architect I worked on high-load system of video advertisement, which was constructed on cluster of IBM servers based on my C++ Linux demons. The solution used hand-tuned cluster of VMWare virtual machines with high-availability support. System performed well even for runs within such highload services as ICQ with bandwidth more than 6Gbit/s.

1997-2007, I developed a lot of windows software and a lot of web solutions.


Here is the short list of main technologies/languages I have expertise in: C++, C++11, Java, Objective-C, C#, PHP, SQL, NOSQL, Docker, JS, WPF, QT, OpenGl, NDK/JNI, HTML/CSS (I skip here a lot of old stuff i will not recommend anymore)

Strong OOP, functional paradigm, design patterns, cross-platform development, mobile development (iOS, Android), multithreading, high-performance solutions, distributed systems, security aware code, UX, virtualization/containers, etc.


  • Experience of architecting and implementation complex distributed systems (created several high-load systems as main arch/dev).
  • Ability to design and maintain structure for large-scale solutions (high-load systems, cross-platform engines, etc).
  • Management and cross-command synchronisation of heavy product features and tech upgrades
  • Long-term technical and product vision
  • Ability to organise full circle of processes around development core
  • Experience of full cycle of solution development from prototyping to continuous integration.
  • Skills of creating full stack of web service solutions including server-side, client-side, ui, tcp-transport.
  • Skills of mobile development for both iOS and Android using self-made cross-platform solution based on C++, NDK, OpenGL ES.
  • Coding in business and security aware style (trying to minimize the cost of development/hardware/support of real solutions while maintaining decent security to avoid potential architecture problems).
  • Agile friendly approach (scrum / kanban)


Saint-Petersburg State University, PhD, 2000-2011