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Functional lenses for C++14

This post is about one more functional programming idea – LENSES. As you could guess it could be implemented using modern C++.

funtional lenses

Concept of lenses from functional programming is actually pretty simple – lens is just pair of getter and setter, which are separated from target object. The main power of lenses is that you could combine them into chain to save a lot of work when you access or modify parts of complex nested structures. The analogy is the following – you can’t get much profit from one lens, but if you combine the bunch of lenses you could make telescope or microscope, etc.

Also there is a big profit when you work with immutable data. In that case a setter is a function which creates a copy of object with modified part. To modify nested structure you could produce very large piece of boilerplate code. But as you will see the lenses could solve this problem brilliantly.

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