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Manual decoding of ICO file format – small c++ cross-platform decoder lib

This post is related to one simple task – decode ICO file format from C++ manually (I needed this for one of my projects where i wanted to display fav icons related to web sites and decoder has to be part of my cross-platform framework). As a result you can download small c++ code below (ico.cpp). The description of ICO format you can find here – Image data is stored uncompressed so we don’t need to implement some smart decompression algorithms – just read some headers, get data and apply bit mask to fill alpha channel.


As solution i wanted a function like this:  

bool IcoDecoder::decode(unsigned charbuffer,///< input buffer data

    int size,///< size of buffer

    unsigned intwidth,///< output – width

    unsigned intheight,///< output – height

    std::vector<unsigned char>&image///< output – image data


and this function should extract the largest possible image from multiresolution icon.

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