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cross-platform engine


* market name is not yet set

A cross-platform engine
inspired by the idea to create beautiful apps
for mobile and desktop devices

using modern C++11 code base

over GPU graphics
based on OpenGl ES 2.0 shaders

focused on creation of complex apps
with rich user experience
the most fast and comfort way

has structure patterns MVC/CQRS

has declarative layout language*
for UI views

* simular to XAML, QML but not XML based

has easy means to create
custom UI controls

which can use advantages of 3D*!

* and hardware shaders ;)

is aimed to perform on RETINA screens with high DPI

has its own tools for localization and is able to switch application language at runtime

has inner utilitary layer to work with images, network, unicode strings, serialization, data structures, etc

has no heavy dependances like boost or QT*

* except network libs and std lib

uses libs:

curl & nanomsg

platfrom-independent networking,
fast socket transport

has optional messaging architecture aimed for creation distributed apps across user devices*

* is perfect with special server side solution

rich OOP structure for adaptive UI

combine wide range
of basic animations,
complex shader animations,
particle systems, etc

* screen is from Alive Numbers 2 lwp

Example of UI beauty...

* screens are from TripBudget app on Android

system calls are provided by single interface encapsulating platform specific code completely*

* you can still write platform specific code if you want

using modern C++11 features multithread asynchronious processing is safe and easy*

* my post about new C++11 features

current implementation is for
iOS, Android, OSX, Windows Desktop*

* there is no limit to add more

Develop without emulator!

* XCode and direct OSX build

several applications are already on markets *

* look at blog for actual list

is developped by Victor Laskin
My blog is here -


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